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Past Life Regression Healing
Guided Meditation Sessions with Wendy Rose Williams

Regression healing sessions are an uplifting quantum experience for your soul. Your Higher Self, your Guides and the Light can provide spiritual guidance in many areas, including relationships, parenting, career, life purpose, skills and talents, diet and lifestyle, hobbies, and the best places for you to live or travel. The Higher Self, also known as the Super-Conscious or Over-Soul, is able to effectively heal emotional traumas from this life or earlier lives, to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem, and to help you set meaningful new goals. Some clients communicate with loved ones and ancestors on the other side of the Veil, or experience other worlds or dimensions. Your Higher Self, your Guides and the Light orchestrate your session and choose what is most beneficial and enjoyable for your unique journey.

Initial sessions typically last three to five hours. Please give yourself the gift of a day to fully embrace your experience. Do not drive or conduct business for the remainder of the day.  Most clients experience a past life or lives, and journey to the Spirit World. We will communicate with your Higher Self and/or Spirit Guides and Beings of Light for remarkable insights.  You will receive physical and emotional healing from the Light. We will review your questions and debrief after your session. You will learn more as you listen to your recording, and need to follow your Higher Self’s guidance to achieve lasting improvements in your health and well-being.

NOTE: Wendy is unable to work with clients with Schizophrenia, Bipolar, or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). She may be able to refer you to a Master’s level or above counselor, or to a Shaman.

Client Testimonials
“My session was beyond amazing! Some of the information was astounding. There will be profound healing coming from this.  I highly recommend Wendy as a Regression Healer and will be sending clients to her.
-- Greg Baroni, Channel and Author (Shoreline, WA)                                               ChannelInSeattle.com  

“Had the most amazing regression healing with
  Wendy Williams…I HIGHLY (can't say it enough) recommend this for anyone who needs spiritual/physical healing, OR if you want to connect with the Higher Energies you work with and find out more about your mission with them. Wendy is absolutely amazing! I cannot tell you how freeing and uplifting the session was. Truly incredible…”  
-- Karen Downing, Soul Mission Facilitator (Issaquah, WA)                                      YourSoulMission.com

Scheduling Logistics
*Contact Wendy to reserve your session.  Most clients are scheduled Saturday or Sunday mornings
at 9 am Pacific Time (10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ 12 noon Eastern Standard Time).
*Read and sign the client release by typing in your name and date, and email to Wendy.
Call 1.712.432.3061 (conference code 692557) at your scheduled time. Stay on the line if you are the first to call in. Wendy will record your session and email you an MP3 audio recording via Dropbox.
*Sessions are also available via Skype, if you have a stable Skype connection from a laptop or PC.
(The Skype mobile phone app is insufficient for longer calls.) Wendy’s Skype account name is “WendyRoseWilliams1234”. You do not need a camera, as sessions only require voice-to-voice. Go to Skype.com if you need to set up a free account. We can test the connection ahead if new to Skype.

Practice Meditating
Purchase a 61-minute “Regression Healing Guided Meditation MP3” for $24.99 USD from Wendy.  
Recommended to practice moving into the healing energy
before your comprehensive session. Use this meditation as many times as you wish before and after your full session to attain additional healing and insights. The MP3 cost will be deducted from your full session price, and is therefore no charge.

Session Preparation
* Get a good night’s sleep. Come with an open mind, and release any expectations or concerns.
*No coffee or caffeinated beverages, alcohol, or recreational drugs the day of your session.
*Enjoy a hearty breakfast that includes protein to remain with you during session.
*Choose a quiet, comfortable place to recline or lie down in your home, office, hotel or a friend’s home where you will be undisturbed for your entire session. Consider a “Do Not Disturb” note on your door.
*Gather a blanket, extra pillows, water, tissue, phone, phone charger, any voice recorder or application, your list of questions, notepad and pen.
*A phone with a headset (vs. earbuds) that goes over the top of the head and has a built-in microphone is ideal. It needs to remain in place and be comfortable while reclining or lying down for several hours.
*Silence any cell phones or alarms, and attend to any animals or family matters first, to fully relax.

*Relax and absorb your Magic Carpet Ride!  You may wish to journal or draw, or take a nap.
*A hearty meal to ground your energy is highly recommended. Take a walk; hug a tree to ground.
*Drink plenty of water to flush out energy that’s no longer needed.
*Some clients have a healing opportunity to release major toxins from the body post-session.
Rest and relax whenever possible for up to a week after, if necessary. Consider this when scheduling.
It is crucial to listen to your recording (at your own pace) to continue to heal and to gain insights.  
You will not clearly remember all that was said, especially once we travel to the Spirit World.

Formulating Questions for your Higher Self, Spirit Guides & the Light
Note: The categories below are only suggestions. Please email your top three to twenty questions to Wendy 48 hours in advance. You will have an opportunity to add your final questions the day of your session.  Questions can be direct, and don’t require any background or particular phrasing.
You may use a code name or initial(s) for confidentiality if a question pertains to another individual.
You may request a surrogate healing for loved ones, including animal companions.

The Higher Self or Light may not answer all your questions. Some will be answered extensively. Many questions you don’t ask directly will be answered, too. You will learn what you “need vs. want,” for your highest and holiest good. Typically “future” questions such as “When will I get that new job”? or “When will I meet my soul mate”? are not answered. We may request assistance attracting them to you.

Life Purpose/ Soul Mission




Note: If you do not have any medical conditions, you may ask for rejuvenation and renewal, to enhance your energy levels, concentration, academic or professional performance, appearance, libido, or zest for life. Expect to look and feel younger after your session, as healing may occur at the DNA cellular level!

Metaphysical/ Spiritual/ Energetic/ Other

*Initial session $399 USD. (Subtract $25 for purchase of the Regression Healing MP3.) Average session length three to five hours. Some sessions are longer at six to seven hours. Pre-session coaching, planning day of, meditation induction, MP3 audio taping and delivery, and session follow-up included in your fee.

* Any subsequent sessions tend to be significantly shorter. Cost $199 flat fee for an average of two hours. There is no obligation for additional sessions, but they can be incredibly helpful for new insights.  
Return clients are most welcome. Recommend work with your initial session tape first, for 2-3+ months.

*50% down ($200 initial session/ $100 subsequent sessions) required to reserve your date.
Paypal to WendyRWilliams@hotmail.com
, or request mailing address to mail a cheque.
Balance due via Paypal 14 days in advance for distance sessions via web conference call.
Cash/ personal cheque accepted at start of in-person sessions. (Debit/credit cards are not accepted.)

Wendy’s Contact Information
Email: WendyRWilliams@hotmail.com                Cell/ text: 425.502.0362

*Certified as a Regression Healing Practitioner by the Quantum Healing Centre, United Kingdom
*Reiki Level II via Reiki Master Rus Sullivan (Dr. Mikao Usui lineage)
*Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church (Modesto, California)

*Wendy is a published author. Her short story “A Tiny Bow and Arrow” was published in “The Best of Spiritual Writers Network 2014,” available on Amazon.
*She is poised to publish the prequel to “The Flow: Plimoth Plantation” on Amazon. The novella is a historic metaphysical tale set in Colonial America. It introduces a metaphysical fiction trilogy: “The Flow: Plimoth Plantation”; “The Flow II: The Divine Feminine”; and “The Flow III: Mary Magdalen Remembers.”
*After “The Flow” prequel, Wendy will publish a non-fiction Regression Healing client session novella regarding a lifetime athlete releasing significant physical neck and back pain. It’s a story of forgiveness.

* She has been a guest multiple times on “New Earth Radio,”  “Miracle Advantage Radio,” Rich Vernadeau’s “Daily Talk,” and a featured guest on Jason’s Havey’s 90-minute “Spinning Logic” podcast.

Topics include waking up spiritually; reincarnation and past lives; healing via Past-Life Regression and many other modalities; connecting with Spirit Guides and other Beings of Light; grounding, protecting and clearing one’s energy;  beginning or enhancing your meditation practice; and raising your vibration to 5D (New Earth) – the fifth spiritual dimension - and higher.  This is the “love and peace” energy.

Your session work, testimonials and referrals are greatly appreciated!  
© Wendy Rose Williams 2016                 

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Wendy Rose Williams

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