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Regression Healing Guided Meditations - Wendy Rose Williams
  Schedule: 425.502.0362 or WendyRWilliams@hotmail.com

“My session was beyond amazing! Some of the information was astounding. There will be profound healing coming from this.  I highly recommend Wendy as a Regression Healer, and will be sending clients to her.”
Greg Baroni, Channel/ Author (Shoreline, WA)                      ChannelInSeattle.com

“Had the most amazing regression healing with Wendy Williams. It was like a past life regression on steroids, in a good way! Not only did I get insights into past lives needing to be released, but also got to talk with Aurora and other Higher Energies. I HIGHLY (can’t say it enough) recommend this for anyone who needs spiritual/ physical healing, OR if you want to connect with the Higher Energies you work with, and to find out more about your mission. Wendy is absolutely amazing! I cannot tell you how freeing and uplifting this session was, truly incredible. I’m already planning another session.”
Karen Downing, Soul Mission Facilitator (Issaquah, WA)          YourSoulMission.com

“Our session was an enlightening experience.  It showed not only your talent, but how deeply passionate you are about bringing healing to people.  Thank you!"
-- KP (Seattle WA)

“I wanted to thank you once again, Wendy, for continually encouraging me.
The Past-Life Regression was wonderful.  My neck and back feel so much better! Bless you.”
-- Lawrence Cenotto V, Author (Shoreline, WA)
“True North: A Captivating 85-Day Solo Journey to All of South America & Easter Island & the Antarctic”
“True North: The Ultimate Around the World Journey”

“I can honestly say I am a changed person because of this session.  I still have much to process, but wow ... I have done taped regressions before, but this was different.  I cannot say enough about how good Wendy is, how caring and how patient she was with me and with our technical issues.  It truly was one of the best experiences of my life.  Thank you,
  Wendy, for being the awesome soul you are.

I suggest that before anyone does a live regression they first do several on-line ones so they are used to visualizing and accessing that part of the brain.  I used to think that live regression isn't necessary, that doing on-line was enough.
   Truth is, at least in my case, l needed a live guide, and Wendy was the perfect choice.  I am really feeling a lot better…this sounds weird, but I feel taller”!
--Becky Buchko (Johnstown, PA)         
Author, “Pandora’s Box of Love”; “Love Reawakened: Pandora’s Box of Love”

"If you are looking for a truly unique healing experience for the mind, body and soul, I would highly recommend a session with Wendy.  I had a magnificent third-eye opening and yet incredibly grounding experience.   I'm still feeling the healing effects days later, and I have no doubt this blissful state will continue for many months to come”!  
-- Talitha Thompson, Co-Owner Sundance Massage (Kenmore, MA)                SundanceMassage.com

“I just experienced a wonderful past life regression with Wendy.   To begin with, she prepared for the session in a very professional way.  Wendy made sure she understood my questions and consulted with me to make sure they were asked in a positive, clear way, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of spiritual work.

Our session was wonderful.  I was guided to make contact with past lives and she took me on a very in-depth guided tour covering many issues.   I was taken to a deep meditative state and met Guides on a very high level that I did not know I had. 

Many answers came to me.   Since my session I am much more at peace.  Blocks and past life strings have been cut, and now I feel much more grounded and past hurts in my life no longer come up all the time.   I am able to get right to work on things I want to be focusing on, and in a short amount of time have made incredible strides.

Wendy offers a very in-depth guided journey that is wonderful and very productive.   I have 25 years experience  in Native American Ceremony and a member of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids in the UK.   I highly recommend  Wendy’s work.” 
-- Paul McKye (Rapid City, S. Dakota)             Author, “Return of the Sacred Trust”

“Wendy, I can't thank you enough for allowing me to have this opportunity.  It has been something that I have wanted for a long time.  It has given me clarity in my path and that is huge for me!  It was a great experience, I felt totally safe in your hands and felt no judgment.  You have a real talent for this, and it is something I hope you continue to share so other people benefit.  You have a special gift”!
-- Mikie Woodruff, Reiki Master (Everett, WA)

“Thanks so much for our session. You really helped me to move  forward from all the chaos and take the next positive steps in my life. I have many deeper understandings of what's to come, and feel so much better!  Blessings.”
--Kam, Student (Germany)

"My regression healing with Wendy was so much more than I could have imagined!
We viewed past lives that provided valuable insights, tools, and validation of my life path and career.  I found the Light healing to be extremely powerful.    Wendy skillfully prompted me for additional information, which I found to be invaluable later when receiving answers to my questions.   If you are considering past life regression healing, contact Wendy.  She is a warm and skilled professional."      
 -- Darcy Pariso, Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator (Shoreline, WA)                DarcyPariso.com

“My session with Wendy was relaxing and expansive.  I feel there is great benefit in the ability of this work to provide access to greater awareness of our nature as limitless and inter-dimensional beings.”
-- Jude Ponton, DC, LAc (Seattle, WA)                                Whispering-Dragon.com

“I went in to my regression session with Wendy with no expectations.  I was dealing with a few things including looking for clarification on direction for some personal pursuits as well as some unresolved grief that had been weighing heavily on me for a number of years.  The session was more than I could have imagined.  Once it was over, I could feel a real change.  It was like a weight had been lifted. Emotionally I feel back on track and I'm more focused on what I need to do to accomplish some of my goals.  Wendy took the time to explain the process which really helped me and alleviated any hesitations I had.  It's been a couple of months since my session but I can still feel the positive changes that took place.  I highly recommend a session with her.”
-- Jim Sullivan (Edmonds, WA)                                           LidoDeckVacations.com     

“I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Wendy, who has a smooth, soft, serene voice
that is easy to follow.   I also loved how Wendy can intuit the right questions to ask
at the right time, as this enhanced my experience significantly.  

I highly recommend scheduling a session with Wendy, as she is a true natural when it comes to working with our spiritual essence. Thank you for making such an important and beautiful contribution to our lives, Wendy.” 
--Angela Rose Pate  (Kirkland, WA)                                             QHHT Practitioner 

“I've always been a little anxious about this kind of work.  The gentle sound of Wendy's voice made it very easy for me to relax and before I knew it, I was recalling several past life memories with clear, concise details!  I also got answers to questions I never thought were possible.  I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.”
-- Rus Sullivan, Reiki Master/ Intuitive (Edmonds, WA)          DivinelyWrapped.com                      

“I went in to my session without expectations, then walked away with the knowledge of a past life that is very meaningful and on point with what is happening currently in this lifetime.  It helped so much to know  why  certain events/issues happen or keep reoccurring and, armed with that knowledge, I can begin the healing with releasing of that past life's energy.  Wendy is very instrumental in the process. She is intuitively sensitive and knows how to word questions that assist in getting as definitive an answer as possible for her clients.  I highly recommend Wendy, and would happily use her services again in the future.”
-- Laurie Regan, Author and Intuitive Artist (Auburn, WA)     LaurieRCreations.com                        

“I received a very deep healing during our session. It was more than I could have imagined or hoped for. Thank you.”
--Joel Henry, Astrologer/ Dream Interpreter (Lexington, MA)

“Wow. Just wow. This healing was incredible. It changes everything! You have a gift. It’s very important you share this work with as many people as possible.”

--Tas Soul, Musician (Issaquah, WA)                          reverbnation.com/tassoul   

“I can’t believe it! My large
  property improvement project (3+ years of energy  blockage & delays),  is  finally underway!     I put my faith and trust in Wendy’s hands.   Right after our session -- (an all-new experience I didn’t know what to make of, honestly) -- immediately it was like this black cloud lifted!   I cannot thank you enough for sharing your heart, soul, gifted talents & positive energy!    THANK YOU  for what you have done for our family.”

--JW, Real Estate
  Broker & Investor  (Kirkland, WA)

“I want to tell you more about the session I had with Wendy now that a few months have passed.  I am in debt for her graciousness. I am not new to psychic work or readings or healings. I am a long time practitioner. I know our abilities come from Spirit – we are just the hollow vessel. Therefore I really treasure working with other healers, seeing their gifts and having spiritual experiences.

This was much more than a past life regression. It was an in-depth, guided shamanic journey and spiritual tune-up. Wendy has my ‘A-OK’ for her ethical and through approach to energy work. There is preparation, and clear understanding what you are working on. Enough said.

I was shown several lives I was not aware of....I was shown higher spiritual guides I had not tuned into, but am attracted to. The session cut past life strings, something I just did not pay enough attention to, and do....again Wendy is thorough.

Since our session, things have been happening for me. Specifically resources I have sought for YEARS, have “fallen in my lap.” And it just keeps getting better. I found legal help. I found help with my computer, and much more. I now seem to access all the right sources for things to happen in my life. There seems to be a synchronicity that has occurred. It is making a big difference in my life.

What is going on is the checklist of spiritual items she requested for me are all aligning. A big part of Spirit is you have to invite the help. They just don’t come in and change your life. They respect your free will. You must ask for the help. That is why it is so important to do two things. I release on the New Moon what no longer serves me in my life. I ask for what I wish to attract to my life on the Full Moon. You can do the same. Simply pray…”

-- Paul McKye (Rapid City, S. Dakota)             Author “Return of the Sacred Trust”

It is so helpful to see and feel what happened in a past life and how that influences, interferes, creates doubt and fears in this life. Once we see the reasons for our fears, it is easier to let them go.  Wendy  is very patient, has a soothing voice and knows the right questions to guide you to what you need to know. I am very grateful for her talent and services. It has helped me so much.”

--Valerie Shinn, Astrologer (Redmond, Washington)

© Wendy Rose Williams 1/9/2016

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