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Marie Martin

Location: BC - Canada
Sessions by Skype:
RHH Session - 2-3 hours - CAD$175.00
Hypnosis/NLP Session - CAD$50.00 per hour


Marie is a Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnosis Practitioner - she has recently added a Regression Healing Hypnosis (RHH) Certificate to her practices. Marie studied RHH in a quest to strengthen her own Higher Soul Self (HSS) connection and she was then guided to her own RHH experience that lit her soul and defined her destiny and pathway.  She is committed to connecting people to their own HSS and to living their life purpose now.

Regression Healing Hypnosis takes you on a journey of pure bliss .. a journey that has you regress to past lives that are applicable to any challenge you may be experiencing now and assists you in clearing and healing energy blocks. You may meet a guide or even your own Higher Soul Essence and have your questions answered, you can also visit a Temple of Healing and a Temple of Knowledge. This is a 2-3 hour experience that will always stay with you and assist in connecting you to your Higher Soul Self.

Marie Martin

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Marie Martin