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Transcript (Client Story) - Excerpt from a Regression Healing session

Transcript of a Regression Healing Hypnosis Session.  At this time the guide from the Temple of Knowledge was speaking directly through the client.

Marie: It seems like the light workers are going through a transition now and moving more into their purpose, where they are meant, to be is this true?

Client: Yes

Marie: So light workers are being supported right now to grow?

Client: To grow and step out of their cocoon and be all they were meant to be.  The light workers are being very much supported right now.

Marie: Can you give us information about the collective light workers for the rest of the year?

Client: With the collective they are coming to a place where they are really throwing off this feeling of unworthiness and being unsure.  They are really embracing their power, as they have been walking round like little mice.  They are really stepping into their abundant power and taking back their power and there will be a shift in collective power around July/August and September of this year.  There will be more healings and they will not take as much time, they will be instantaneous and this will be the norm.  There will be new modalities popping up in support of that.  The light workers themselves will be healed physically … and mentally where they will become more empowered but more importantly a lot of them have different physical ailments that will all be taken care of … there will be the healing for them,  that they are here to bring into the world.  They will be the embodiment…

Marie: So all light workers will be healed physically, mentally and will be stepping into their abundance…

Client:  Majorly so yes – it will be where they are unhindered, in worthiness, on how they come and go or how they are  ... more of an abundance in their mindsets and their lives,  physically, mentally and in many different ways… where there will be more of a barter system, where they will be supporting each other in many ways so lack will not be in their reality anymore.  There will be an overflow of abundance.

Marie:  There seems to be more people talking about living in communities – is this something that will become more of a reality in the future?

Client:  Yes, we going back to how it was before.

Marie:  Do you have more wisdom to share about the collective?

Client: All the negativity that has been plaguing the planet for so long is in the process of toppling anything the planet will go through is a cleansing and not necessarily in a bad way no matter what it looks like….   and the collective needs to know that they need to walk in faith and not in fear no matter what things look like…. And one of the things we are injecting into the collective is to get the answers they seek from themselves and have direction for themselves …where they now feel like they do not need to go outside of themselves to get the answers that they seek… this is very empowering for the light workers… they feel like the power that had been stripped or they did not have access to, they now have access to that power, in all aspects of their lives and they have their full power back… and a lot of gifts that they had in past lives, they felt they did not have access to, they will now have access to all of that and that is coming really strong for 2017 and 2018.

Marie: So we can now begin to heal the world?

Client: Yes, the thing is, just by the light workers themselves being healthy by having unlimited abundance themselves – having access to their own healing abilities, they won’t feel like they actually have healing work to do as they are walking around as empowered healers themselves and that energy in a sense takes over the world and the world feels less broken and more alive because the fabric of it will become a living healing being.

Marie: Anything else to share with the collective light workers?

Client: Trust in oneself and one’s ability to know that now we are coming into a time of when we are asking we are manifesting a lot faster.  And just to be aware of one’s thoughts and one’s vibrations and the light workers need to know they really need to honor themselves in everything they do, say and think.  To know that they are worthy and everything they can conceive they can achieve and they will do so… and the time is coming at hand where they can be, do and have all that is in their minds and the days of struggling are over!

Marie Martin

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Marie        Martin

 - I have had two sessions so far with Marie and she is an excellent life coach . I had a lot of emotional baggage that needed to be dumped into the garbage can. Marie was able to help me put my life back into perspective and help get rid of the negative energies that were controlling my heart mind and soul . I found my sessions very emotional, lots of tears but cleansing and healing too .She gave me the tools to deal with the emotional roller coaster that my life had become and for that I will always be truly grateful - Susan

 - I recently had a lovely but emotional session with Marie during a distant RH session. My session was not so much seeing a past life visually but more of a sensory/feeling experience that was quite profound and powerful in itself! Marie was very gentle with her approach and she guided me with thought and care to explore other areas that helped open some blocked chakra's as well as start the process of healing for an old whiplash/neck injury. I look forward to another session with her in the future, and very grateful for this unique and enlightening experience - Robyn

 - I had never considered talking to anyone before about my problems, but after 2 hours I realised it is something I should have done a long time ago. Marie is really easy to talk to and made me realise that there are ways to train your brain to achieve what you want.  Marie really has changed my life.  Ashley

 - My session with Marie was exactly the confirmation I was looking for. I had specific questions that were all answered in such a unique way. I found it extremely uplifting and cleansing. I left feeling motivated and ready to manifest and create my life's goals/ aspirations. It was excellent. - Craig