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Regression Healing Hypnosis with Kannara Daniel

Going on a Regression Healing session  is much like going on an amazing adventure, where you always get to bring back amazing gifts for yourself and others. These gifts can be in the form of understandings and healings of particular issues, and answers to the deepest questions, even those you forgot. But most of all you get to bring back a piece of yourself to integrate into the present lifetime, much like Soul Retrieval, pieces that were left, forgotten or not acknowledged. As a Shaman, my experience is that this work parallels with the world of healing through Shamanic Journeying.  As a Shaman, my work is to adventure with you through your life times to find answers and bring about healing.  In Regression Healing Hypnosis, you get to travel into other timelines to find your own answers.  With the clairvoyant abilities that I have, I can easily be with you on your journey and work with your guides to bring you to the exact moments to deepen healing and knowledge.

So with a little assistance from your hypnotherapist, you access many times and places where you’ve lived or been, much like watching movies of your lives, where you can find answers for your life’s experiences and about yourself.

Your Higher Self guides each and every moment of your experience  to the right time, place and event for the very best outcome for healing and resolving the many concerns that have caused traumatic events in your life or of those that are close to you, that continue to block your progress mentally, emotionally, physically or professionally.  From one session, you can easily access energy to completely transform anything you desire, or understand why that part of your life is the way it is and what can be done to make things better.  

These sessions give you access to information or insights you would not normally have access to.  You meet and work with your guides and your Light/ your Soul.  You get to know yourself in a very positive way and if it is your goal to find those lifetimes when you were an artist, singer, healer, you can see how you healed, receive vital information about your talents and abilities and if it is part of this lifetime to bring that knowledge and ability or gift back with you then this life experience will be that more enhanced.  If it is your question then you can access information about your relationships, career, family, how to better your life, and when you cross over with another timeline, a heightened sense of awareness that wasn’t there before  is felt and retained, much like clarity and a knowing of yourself.  Find answers to whether you should continue with the present job or learn a new skill that will bring you more fulfillment.  Best of all, you always come back with a clear sense of “being” as your greater self is felt and known which stays with you, giving you confidence, freedom and eagerness to live life with more passion.  You can even visit loved ones, speak to them and be in the presence of their love once again and hear their message to you.  The experience is always enjoyable, safe and exciting as you gain your own Higher greater perspective back, as Higher Self always delivers the information in the most pleasant ways so that you can get the most out your experience.  You also get to listen to your recording as many times as you like, in fact it’s best to listen to it over and over again as each time you experience yourself you can draw more out of it.  

If you are planning to experience your greater life, please read the important information on my website and we can schedule a time for you either in person or over skype. (www.DivineDialogues.com)​

 A Storyteller is an individual who transports you through time and space by opening or revealing something that is not generally seen or acknowledged.  The art of thestoryteller is closely related to that of the shaman, as both are able to call spirits and to see beyond the boundaries that divide ordinary life from the worlds of dreams and visions. Like shamans, storytellers have the ability to heal individuals and societies.

Kannara's Life Altering Experience connected her with an ancient part of herself bringing through the gifts of the "Storyteller"  She has been using her gifts for over 20 years helping people release their emotional and physical pains. As the teller, the weaver of the tale, Kannara will take you on a transformative journey into levels of consciousness,  opening  your  centers to hear, see and perceive greater understandings of yourself through the eyes of the universe.


Kannara Daniel

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