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One off Setup Fee
(Includes 1 year Hosting)

Annual Hosting Fee


Be Recommended

Basic Criteria;

1. You must be a certified, willing and active Regression Healing facilitator that intends to practice in a friendly and professional manner.

2. The “Setup Fee” is only ever paid once.

3.  If you wish to be added to the front page and have 1 or 2 pages of your own, please send all of the images and information you wish to be displayed on those pages to info@quantumhealingcentre.co.uk and it will all be set up for you after payment. - Please note that spaces may become limited

4. Note that the £3 Hosting fee will be annual and ongoing, provided you wish to continue this service.

5. Maintenance will only apply if this service starts to take up too much of my time, until such a time it will remain free.

6. Please understand, together we can make magic happen, so your success in obtaining clients via this web site will also depend on your desire to work together to promote “yourself” by using this web site and the information herein.

7. Client permitting - It is also wise to be willing to share some of your past/now/future life adventures on the Learn Regression Healing Facebook Group - The advantage is that you will build up a reputation by sharing beautiful past lives and healing accounts it also gives potential clients that are in alignment with your work, the confidence to know that you you are fully adept at doing a great job

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